The Evolution of Marketing Property Online

Over the last decade developments in web technology such as mobile responsive websites, apps and social media platforms have greatly enhanced consumers experience of using the internet, so much so that is now part of our daily lives.

These advancements have too shaped how property is marketed online, whether that be a business promoting their facilities or an estate agent selling properties. It is now commonplace for these businesses to focus on building a presence on the various social media platforms and dedicate a web page or even an entire website to promote their property with informative and visually engaging content, albeit this content is still mainly comprised of text, photographs, and videos.

There is however a new form of digital media that has entered the arena when marketing property online and it brings a totally new dimension to showcasing a property online. It is called a 3D Virtual Tour and works by mapping multiple 360° panoramic images and depth data from within a space into a single unified 3D model. This media form is not only informative and visually engaging, but it is immersive and interactive. Users can walkthrough the property online by moving from shot to shot and interact with the various features including the following:

  • Mattertags™ - informative tags that are anchored to specific features within a property and communicate key messages with descriptions, photographs, videos or links.
  • Dollhouse View - presents a digital twin of a property with no external walls, showcasing how all the rooms and floors fit together.
  • Measurement Mode - allows users measure items or the distance between items within a property.
  • Highlight Reel - allows users easily navigate to and explore the most significant parts of a property.
  • 360° Views - enables sweeping shots of external areas to be linked to the 3D Virtual Tour, making it easy for users to navigate from indoor to outdoor areas.

It is truly innovative web technology that enables anyone to explore a property online on any device including on a VR headset, while making them feel like they are there in person.

Viewing a 3D Virtual Tour on a Tablet PC

Explore a 3D Virtual Tour for yourself:

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